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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

JavaOne 2010 Talks Accepted!

I am very excited to have a number of talks at JavaOne this year. I and Emil (Caucho Technology Chief Evangelist) will be giving the Resin 4/Java EE 6 Web Profile talk that I presented as a keynote at TSSJS Vegas (titled "Resin: A Light-Footed Java EE 6 Web Profile Platform"). I am very pleased that I will be co-presenting with Debu again this year as well. We will be talking about testing Java EE 6 applications (titled "Testing Java EE 6 Applications: Tools and Techniques"). We will cover EJB 3.1 embedded containers, CDI,  Arquillian/ShrinkWrap and OpenEJB and a lot of other Java EE 6 features/tools/techniques geared towards unit, integration and regression testing. Dan Allen, David Blevins and I will be giving a BOF on CDI implementations (titled "Implementing CDI: Goals, Milestones, and Perspectives"). We will discuss project goals, approach, features, status, milestones, road map, modular portable extensions and perspectives on the future directions for CDI. I'll also be taking part in a similarly structured panel organized by Alexis MP on Java EE 6 (titled "Java EE 6 Panel: What Do We Do Now?"). I am very proud to share the panel with the likes of Roberto Chinnici, Mike Keith, Gavin King and Adam Bien. The goal of the panel is really to try to have a two-way exchange of ideas with the community about how they see Java EE 6 effecting them and what they (and we as a group) see as paths into the future for enterprise Java. I imagine I might also be part of Java EE 6 and EJB 3.1 Expert Group "meet and greet" sessions.

I am just a little dissapointed that my talk on Spring 3 Java EE 6 support with Spring expert Josh Long did not get accepted and neither did my/Emil's talk on Java modularity (we would be talking about OSGi, Jigsaw, etc). In the scheme of things I guess this is a pretty petty complaint given that I am still getting to talk about a lot of the stuff that I care about and there is always the possibility of giving the talks at good JUGs. It is also the case that I get to do a variant of the Spring 3/Java EE 6 talk at JBossWorld (titled "Spring + JBoss: So Happy Together"). While at JavaOne, I'll try to get a book signing together for EJB 3 in Action (Debu should be game for that too).

If you do get a chance to attend JavaOne this year, please do consider attending a few of the sessions, especially the CDI BOF or the Java EE 6 Panel. While we can all try to do our best to bring solid ideas to Java EE, there really isn't any substitute for getting genuine constructive feedback and ideas from end-users of various stripes.


Blogger tallship said...

Just stumbled across your post at Dzone via the nbweely I received.

Glad to know you got a slot and hope I can attend!

Kindest regards,



2:58 AM  
Blogger Shaun Abram said...

Congrats at getting the slots. Really hoping I can attend this year, so maybe see you there...


6:33 PM  

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