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My ramblings on Java EE, Java SE and the crazy World of technology in general.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Java EE 6 Coming Soon!

I am very excited to hear that the JCP process for Java EE 6 is starting! Here is a link to the JSR! It is slated as JSR 316. Instead of being on the side-lines, I joined the JSR committee this time on. I joined as an "independent expert" and will contribute my views on how to improve on the spec (the EJB3/JPA spec in particular).

Most encouragingly, Rod Johnson is apparently looking forward to joining the committee too. This is definitely a welcome development that has many good implications for the Java EE standard!

Feel free to email me your ideas on how to improve the next Java EE version! I'll try my best to represent the ideas in the JCP...
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