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My ramblings on Java EE, Java SE and the crazy World of technology in general.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

EJB 3 Introduction at Harrisburg JUG

On the 17th of last month I gave an introductory talk on EJB 3 at the Harrisburg JUG. It was really nice to be back on my old turf, it is a reminder that life is not as hectic in the Northeast's hinterlands. The turnout for the talk was great. The audience was one was extremely active and savvy. By and large, I think the demographic was significantly younger too.

The talk was a lot of fun and gave me a chance to present some of the introductory material in the book. The talk was not as hands-on as I would have liked. This probably wouldn't have been practical given the time allocation and the amount of material to cover. However, I'm hoping to give a JPA/Hibernate 3 talk at the NYC JUG soon. I'm aiming to make that extremely hands-on. I'm even toying with the idea of a code-along. I may also repeat that talk at the Connecticut JUG if all goes well.
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